The Original Tommyís


Fenruary 1, 2006 (by Whitney)


Most of us have never seen anything like the Original Tommy's. Itís sort of like a burger stand but much, much more. They are open 24-7 with stands on two corners of the lot. The middle of the lot is parking, and there are counters on two sides - no chairs, no stools, just counters. The setup is super efficient. Once at a shack, order, pay, and pickup are one smooth motion. They don't take kindly to people who don't understand the system. Their job is to server the chili burger - not hold your hand!


Comments include:

"Classic throwback burger joint"

"Superb napkin dispensers!"

"Someone needs to update the Burger Tour website"

"Amazing burger production"

"Use extra chili for fry dipping"

"A lot of burger for your buck"

"The Soup Nazi could work here"


Some other thoughts:


Meat (s=2.1)
Juice (s=2.0)
Bunnage (s=1.9)
Baggage (s=1.8)
Kenny Factor (s=1.5)
Mulletude (s=1.1)