Burger Tour Goes to Manhattan Beach Brewing Company


April 5th, 2006 (by Jaime)


It is with certainty that everyone approved of the Manhattan Beach Brewing Company this week.  There is definitely something to be said about a good “classy microbrew atmosphere” with lots of beer to go around.  Especially three free pitchers of beer thanks to Danielle and Crystal from the Brewing Company!  Not to mention the “awesome high def plasmas.” 


We started the evening by squeezing all 17 tourists into three connected tables in the corner of the restaurant.  There is nothing like getting close and cozy next to your favorite burger tourist!  It was great to see some new faces join the tour while we missed some of the regulars.  We proceeded to order hickory burgers almost entirely around the table except for a few regular burgers with other baggage of choice and one suspicious individual who got chicken!  Names with be kept anonymous for protection of such individual.  All orders were brought out promptly and correctly with attempts to confuse the server with fry orders but she handled it with stellar experience.  Unfortunately, there was one burger tourist whose burger was forgotten about.


After everyone finished their yummy burgers and were full of tasty home brew, regular burger tourist Monica was surprised with a birthday dessert and song!  There was still room for dessert apparently!  Some of the boys then regressed into childish patterns of tease the girl endlessly because that’s how I flirt with her.  Not to mention the spoon on the nose contest, which Pep dominated!  At this point maybe it was just the many pitchers of home brew taking over or so we hope.


Check out the burger ratings below as you are left with these memorable quotes:


“Just a great burger”


“I like burgers.  I like homebrew.”


“We need to have a parking score!”


“It’s all about the bacon.”


“Yum, bar was sossy.”


“Yummy beer”


“Good, for a burger joint that call them self a ‘Company’.”


“MBBC remains my beer/burger ‘rock’.