February 15, 2006 - Hamburger Habit


By Jamie Jakubowski


Only nine burger tourists gathered at Hamburger Habit this past Wednesday February 15 to indulge in burgers and great company.   The score sheets have been tallied and after careful evaluation, findings show some similarities and some differences among the honored attendees’ experience.


The “Kenny Factor”, also known as service, received an astounding mean score of 9.1 out of 11.  This may be the best yet!  The employees were very helpful in gathering seat yourself tables. They were also very friendly in joining the tourists for a group photo and curious about The Burger Tour mission.  The offer for free refills was very impressive as well.


The “Mulletude”, or overall atmosphere, had a mean score 6.2 displaying a split decision among the tourists.  Some believed this 50’s theme diner to be too sterile while others noticed the cleanliness made it possible to eat off the floor.  Either way, a big congratulations to the employees of Hamburger Habit for making the California health rating of “A” a habit for 8 consecutive years!   All tourists found the walls very entertaining as they were covered with a variety of decorative art from bathroom humor to burger blue prints to the local children’s coloring contest.


In the evaluation of the burger, the categories Meat, Juice, Bunnage, and Baggage all displayed another split decision.  One member felt the burger was the best on the tour thus far while another member felt the burger was the worst thus far.  The Bunnage seemed to be the least favorite aspect of the burger.  The bun was rather dry and slightly over toasted.  The most favorite aspect of the burger was the Baggage.  Hamburger Habit offers many extras to add to the burger including grilled onions, bacon, and even avocado. 


Overall, all burger tourists agree that this past Wednesday was a very enjoyable experience and just another opportunity to express their love for the burger.




Highlights of the Evening:


“Never trust a skiny cook!”


“Lincoln, can I have your pickle?”


“Where is Monica?”


“Jamie finally reaches official member status!”



Mean and Standard Deviation (respectively)


Meat                6.0       /           2.18

Juice                 5.9       /           2.26

Bunnage           5.6       /           2.70

Baggage           6.2       /           1.30

Kenny Factor   9.1       /           1.96

Mulletude         6.2       /           1.92