September 27th, 2006 (by Big Mike)


The first trip down South for the tourists was by all accounts a successful endeavor.  The trip was a lot faster than going to Hollywood and it was a treat for us that come North almost every week.  I was a little concerned about not getting much of a turnout being the first to suggest going South to cover all the Los Angeles county area in search of the best of the best burgers.  I was pleasantly surprised as people started to roll in.


As you come into the parking lot you maneuver around some massive Oil Wells, which is actually what built Signal Hill and really the only reason it ever became a city, it is also one of the main reasons Curley’s is around, it was a place all the workers come for lunch or dinner and they have come back for years.  I walked in, passing an inebriated elder gentlemen stumbling out with juicy stains on his t-shirt, as he slurred goodnight a smile came to my face and started the mulletude meter rising. 


People came in groups and we had quite a few new faces at the table and some faces we welcomed back after not seeing them for a while.  We had the place basically to ourselves as the rest of the patrons listened to ragtime in the other room, which sadly stopped around 9:30, just as the tourists were ready for more. The meat was requested, the cow slaughtered and in a short time the cute daughters of the owner brought out the orders fast and with a smile. 


The burgers were Old school style, hand made to order, wrapped in paper, juice dripping out the bottom, fresh fixin’s on top with good crisp fries or thick onion rings. The beer was chilled to a nice 30 degrees Fahrenheit, the mugs were frosty and PBR on tap raised the mulletude another degree. 


After we were satiated, Elizabeth led the party outside to peruse her new toy…Chris showed us his stilt walking skills and the baton was passed to Daphne…who vowed to keep it South at least one more week…and as she said to sum it up “Maybe it’s been too long, but I’ve not had such a great burger in a while.” 


Curley’s I will be back!


Big Mike



Judging Criteria Average Rating Standard Deviation
Meat 8.6 1.1
Juice 8.2 1.7
Bunnage 7.4 2.0
Baggage 7.4 2.0
Kenny Factor 9.0 2.1
Mulletude 9.1 1.8
Burger ONLY Score  
Overall Score