March 12th, 2006 (by Monica)


After visiting fancier burger bars during the last couple of weeks, this burger tour brought us back to a more down to earth place - Astroburger on Melrose Avenue.


A popular lunch place for the employees of adjacent Paramount Studios, Astroburger offers an impressive variety of Sandwiches, Salads, Greek food and deserts. But that's not what we came for; we came for their famous burgers.


The formation of this week's burger tour group was special, first of all we had a couple of new people joining us and for the first time there was a vegetarian among us carnivores. Also one of the burger tour virgins didn’t understand our group’s motive and ordered a gyro. Therefore I only took 15.5 results into consideration, even though we were 17 eating attendants.


After sending an email to Astroburger and informing them about our visit, we were welcomed by employees ready to serve us. Astroburger’s owner Cosmos not only emailed me back, but also welcomed us personally and offered free refills for our group. This special attention and the fast service reflected in a very high Kenny Factor. The meat also got generally good scores; some people went for the double meat. In the juice and baggage category people’s evaluations were a bit uneven. The rating in the juice category varies from 3 to 10 and in the baggage category from 1 to 9. The juice was criticized to be more greasy than juicy (too much mayo) and one person criticized the quality of the avocados. In contrast I noted many positive comments about the milk shakes, onion rings and for a change the fried zucchinis. The overall score or better known as Mulletude came in as solid 7.5, it might have been an 8, but I'm not sure if all our new tourists filled out the result sheets properly. But the new tourists were very interested and questions were answered passionately by burger tour founder Chris.  [editor's note: "founder" ??]


Also Astroburger features unique fold out tables which were noted by several people and were ideal to accommodate all burger tourist on one table, like a big and happy family.


Astroburger is a great place to grab a solid and good burger in a down to earth atmosphere. So make sure you stop by, maybe even for a late night snack after visiting the bars in Hollywood, because Astroburger stays open till midnight and on Friday and Saturday even until 1 am.


Some quotes:


"Avocado cheeseburger with fried egg rocked my world"

"Love manager's attention"

"Why did that guy order a gyro at burger tour?"

"Best burger stand yet"

"A very special place"

"A very tasty burger though it was short-order style rather than restaurant style"

“Pastrami with cheese burger was perfect”


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